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Hello NAMM friends!

Hello visitors and friends from the NAMM show!   Here you’ll find further info on Late September Dogs and the LSD Orchestra Project.

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Metallica, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones,

What do the above bands have in common? Egomaniacs? True. I’ll give you that one.
BUT, they have all also recorded and performed with orchestras. Orchestras are what music sounded like BEFORE jazz musicians showed up and ruined it for everyone with their marijuana cigarettes and drum solos and vast instinctual knowledge of rhythm, melody and modal dynamic.

Granted, orchestras have fallen out of favor of late. You don’t see orchestras much anymore, my guess is they’re at home with the grand kids, reminiscing about nostalgia. Saying stuff like, “In MY day, we only had eight and a half notes. These days.. you kids and your twelve notes.. It’s madness. Like hot water, or Tang.”

Yes, well, so, classical music is what math sounds like when it gets bored. Fine, that’s true, BUT, take a hard rock band, like Seattle’s Late September Dogs (heretofore referred to as LSD – because reasons) and add some cellos, and some pianos, and maybe even a Sousaphone* and you get.. well… that’s what we’re trying to find out.  We call it the LSD Orchestra Project.  (We call it that because we thought calling it “Steve” was a little vague.)

*I dont know what that is either.

The LSD Orchestra project is an idea we had one time.  It’s a long journey from an idea to a thing.  It’s been about two and a years since we started, and we’re about 64.8732% (give or take) of the way there.  Which is like a D minus.  Mostly D minuses are bad, from what I remember from High School (which isn’t much), so, we need your help.

We have ten songs, and we have one finished, and we want you to hear it.  We have added it here.  We want you to know what we can do given the resources.

We need your continuing support to finish the project and make the record we hear in our heads.  We could fake it, and use samples, and computer trickery, but that’s cheating, and we don’t wanna do that.

What We Need & What You Get
What do we need? Simple. Money, the great creative lubricant.   Sadly, great Sousaphonists dont grow on trees. (I hear they tried it once, in a lab in Vienna. It ended… poorly. There was an explosion, and they got Sousa all over everything. )

  1. As a result of the failed Viennese orchestra growing experiments of 1909, we will need to rent us some musicians of the orchestral variety. Timpanists, Pianists, a Flautist or three. We will also need a studio, an engineer, a large and continuous supply of everything bagels (I understand that flautists subsist solely on everything bagels), and the various other costs associated with recording a hard rock acoustic orchestral record without the backing of a major record company, or Michael Kamen.

We are trying to raise $20,000, because we think that’s what it would cost to do it right.  We think this because we are musicians, and not accountants, and really what the hell do we know about budgets, and money and 401ks and stuff.

If we get more, it will be better. That’s really it. If we raise more money than that, we can make a better record, money raised translates directly into time spent on the album. So please help. A lot.

If you subscribe here on Patreon, you will see regular updates throughout the process.. We have tirelessly documented most of the creation process, in tireless fashion, tirelessly, so you may get more than you could ever watch, but thats the point right?  We have, for example, footage of the string section recording for three hours, and we have ALL OF IT, so yeah, be careful what you wish for, there might be a JILLION things.  But also, if you want, you can just fast forward to the cello solos.

To my knowledge, no one has ever done anything like this before, ever. It will be the first time in the history of everything.

OK. Right, I know that’s not true. BUT, it will be the first time we’ve done it. And I think it will be AWESOMESAWCE.

See and hear more here:


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